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"The Indian" Talking Shoe Has Been Found

It's been a super amazing wonderful month here first with the discovery of "The Drunk Talking Shoe" and now with "The Indian Talking Shoe" who was discovered by one of our most precious antique dealers who prefers to stay annoymous.

We are so thrilled. 

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"The Drunk" Talking Shoe Has Joined The Collection

"The Drunk" Talking Shoe 

October 11th 2021 and "The Drunk" Talking Shoe is now officially safe and a part of the collection. 

The idea to help raise money to get the "Gofundme" to it's goal was

presented on an episode of "Stranger Things" on Instagra…

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AMAZING NEW ADDITION: The Original Shoe The Lead To Willy Drinkall



October 7th "The Drunk" Talking Shoe has appeared on Instagram in an event to raise funds

for an Amazing antique dealer in the UK who is battling cancer.

We are so proud that Mr. Beckitt's "The Drunk" shoe is part of this event and that his…

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Wonderful New Figures Are Coming

We are so Excited to announce that more figures that performed with Jack Beckitt have joined the collection and are being reunited with their friends.

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Full Night Club performance Featuring Willy Drinkall

"Special Thank You To John Beckitt (above)  

The son of Jack Beckett  who has allowed this information to be shared  

in order to preserve the memory and history of his father

The Great Jack Beckitt one of my favorite performers due to his jovial spirit and love of life."   I am so thrilled protect and to share members of his vent family with you.

Tonya Traylor


Jack Beckitt Promo Video



Dicky Shorthouse

Willy Drinkall

Walter Shamus

Winston The British Bulldog



Talking Shoes:

The Drunk

The Old Man


The Indian